NPR logo Oregon Senate Approves Larger Cages For Hens


Oregon Senate Approves Larger Cages For Hens

Oregon Senate Approves Larger Cages For Hens

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SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon Senate voted Wednesday to give egg-laying hens more room. The measure would require the three large-scale commercial egg producers in Oregon to phase in larger cages for hens over the next 15 years.

Republican Senator Chuck Thomsen says the bill represents a compromise between the egg industry and animals rights advocates.

Republican Senator Chuck Thomsen: "The original version of this bill was far too extreme, and it would have required all egg farming in Oregon to be completely cage free by 2019. Now, the bill is something I think we can all stand behind."

The Oregon measure now heads to the House. Washington Governor Chris Gregoire signed a similar bill into law this year.

Some animal rights groups are unhappy with the compromise. They're gathering signatures in an attempt to put initiatives on the ballot in both Oregon and Washington to require cage-free housing for hens.

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