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Gita Jackson Offers a No-Britney Set of Teen Selections

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Gita Jackson

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Gita Jackson's Picks

Listen to 30-second samples:

Listen 'Ever and a Day' - AFI

Listen 'Poised to Death' - The Faint

Listen 'Ride on Shooting Star' - The Pillows

We want you to tell us about the music that's on your mind, in your car and on your computer. What music grabs your attention and compels you to listen?

We received an e-mail from Gita Jackson, in Middletown, Conn., who wanted to tell us what she has been listening to this summer. She says that she and her musical tastes disprove the stereotype of "the Britney Spears-loving, Forever 21-wearing, valley girl-speaking, smiley prepubescent white girl."

Her first selection is the song "Ever and a Day," from the album The Art of Drowning by AFI, which stands for A Fire Inside. Jackson says that while the lyrics are intense, the music and Davey Havok's voice make the final product uplifting.

Her second pick is "Poised to Death," from The Faint's album Danse Macabre. This upbeat song sounds like the perfect dance tune, but the lyrics betray a darker side.

And she chooses "Ride on Shooting Star," by The Pillows, a Japanese pop-punk band. The song is from the soundtrack to an Japanese animation series called FLCL.



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