Following the Blackout

Join NPR's Neal Conan, NPR correspondents and a variety of experts for the latest information on the blackout affecting portions of the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. Hear what the current mood is like in New York City, what can be learned from past blackouts, the future of the electrical grid and what could be done to stop this from happening again.

David Kestenbaum
* NPR Science Correspondent in New York City

Bobbi Fueri
* Director of Community Resource Development at The New Center Community Mental Health Services in Detroit, Michigan

Joe Palca
* NPR Science Correspondent
* will discuss the science of the power grid

Robert McCullough
* Managing partner at McCullough research — works for utilities, large industries & government consulting firm
* Adjunct Professor at Penn State University
* His testimony before Senate helped launch west coast investigation into Enron

John Ydstie * NPR Correspondent
* Will discuss transportation issues



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