A Little CO-Dependent

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On Air Puzzle: In this week's on-airpuzzle, every answer is a familiar two-word phrase or name, with the initials C.O. For example: Right to buy a stock later at a specified price. The answer: Call Option.

Challenge from Last Week: Take the word, UNDERACHIEVEMENT, change one letter in it, and rearrange the result to get a famous actress, first and last name. What actress is it?

The answer: Change the M in underachievement to an E, to get CATHERINE DENEUVE.

The winner: Jancie Hoffmann from Claremont, Calif.

This Week's Challenge: Name a well-known city in the United States, two words, 10 letters altogether. Add the letter A at the front, add the city's two-letter state postal abbreviation at the end, the resulting 13-letter chain will be palindromic, that is, it will read backward and forward the same. What city is this?



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