CIA Investigates its Inspector General

National newspapers report that Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden is conducting an internal investigation of his own inspector general, John Helgerson.

Los Angeles Times reporter Greg Miller, who wrote the story about the CIA probe, says the probe is significant because it involves the head of an agency investigating the agency's investigator. And in this case, an investigator who has been critical of the CIA.

Miller says some current and former employees he has talked to do not believe Helgerson is a vindictive person, but others are suspicious of his motives.

Helgerson has conducted a number of investigations into the agency's activities. He was particularly critical of former CIA Director George Tenet and other senior agency officials in a report to Congress that became public.

Miller says the investigation could affect more than Helgerson. Agency whistleblowers might be concerned about investigators looking through the inspector general's files because their names and what they told the IG could be discovered.

There are also questions about whether Hayden's investigation is an effort to get Helgerson "back on the team."

Miller talks to Alex Chadwick about the investigation.



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