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Greetings from Bryant Park, where we know what time it is.

BILL WOLFF (Announcer): From NPR News in New York, this is THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT with Alison Stewart and Luke Burbank.

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This is THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT from NPR News, your home for news, information. Today, the latest fashion for your robotic vacuum cleaner

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BURBANK: A must-have for the fall season. I'm Luke Burbank.


And I'm Alison Stewart. It is Monday, October 29th.

BURBANK: Alison…

STEWART: I slaved over a stove all weekend…

BURBANK: What hath you wrought?

STEWART: …just to hear gagging noises from the BPP staff. You want to explain?

BURBANK: Yeah. You spent all weekend working on these special healthy recipes that are actually the source of much controversy. We're going to try to talk about that in the show. At the very least, it'll be on the blog. What did you make? Brownies with…

STEWART: Spinach in them. I don't know if you've heard about these two dueling cookbooks trying to make healthy brownies and cupcakes and, you know, pasta recipes where you sneak the vegetables in. Well, let's just put it this way. We had a vote about which brownie you liked better because I wanted to compare the two cookbooks. There's a third category somebody wrote in: They're both awful.


STEWART: This brownie made me never want to eat another brownie ever again. Thanks.

BURBANK: Oh, yeah. Well…


BURBANK: …on to more pleasant topics. If you're from Boston, I guess, or you're a Boston fan, the Red Sox sweeped the World Series. Everyone outside of New England collectively yawns. They beat the Colorado Rockies.

STEWART: Also a very interesting story. Michael Isikoff is going to join us to talk about the bomber of the USS Cole. He was originally sentenced to death, and now he is out of prison. It's an interesting story. We'll dive into it.

BURBANK: And "Saw" - what was it, "Saw 15"? "Saw IV"? "Saw IV" was a big hit this weekend. It made like $32 million. It's Halloween week, and these horror movies are big business. We thought we'd talk about them with the guy who runs a Web site on how to tell if you're actually in a horror movie.

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BURBANK: Get some tips. We also get today's top stories from Rachel Martin in just a moment. First, though, we've got the BPP's Big Story.

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