Trinity Squeaks Past Millsaps on 15-Pass Touchdown

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'All Things Considered' on the touchdown that broke my heart

This weekend, the Trinity University football team pulled off a miraculous come-from-behind win. The team used 15 lateral passes in the final seconds of the game to score a touchdown and beat Millsaps College 28-24.


One other notable victory this weekend. No, not the New England Patriots' 52-to-7 drubbing of the Redskins, but football, nonetheless college football; Division 3, San Antonio's Trinity University Tigers versus Millsaps College Majors playing in Jackson, Mississippi.

With two seconds left on the clock and down by two points at their own 39 yard line, the Tigers launched a most unlikely play.

Here's how Bill Swint(ph) of Trinity made the call on T.V.

Mr. BILL SWINT (Football Commentator): He takes the snap. There's only tree men rushing for Millsaps. Barmore throws it over the meadow, complete to Thompson. Thompson, looking for a block. He laterals it to Curry. And Curry laterals it again and it's caught again. And Tomlin, now on the lateral.

BLOCK: Over the course of the minute-long play, Trinity players threw 15 lateral passes. Until...

Mr. SWINT: It's a lateral. And Curry is still going.

Unidentified Man: No way. No way. It's a touchdown. It's a touchdown.

Mr. SWINT: Curry is still going. Curry is going. He's going to score. Curry scores.

BLOCK: And with that win, Trinity University of San Antonio goes to seven-and-one.

Mr. SWINT: Curry scores. The Tigers win already. I can't (unintelligible) and the game is over. The Tigers win. The Tigers win.

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