NPR logo 'Come Down' to the Sound of Grunge Reborn

'Come Down' to the Sound of Grunge Reborn

'Come Down' by The Valley

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  • Song: "Come Down"
  • Artist: The Valley
  • CD: The Valley
  • Genre: Rock

For The Valley, explosively dirty guitars are secondary to sturdy hooks. hide caption

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No matter how many new and different sounds come out of Seattle, the city remains known to the outside world as the place that grunge built. But it's practically jarring at this point to hear a new Seattle band that draws on the heavy, rock- and metal-influenced anger of grunge — hearing the music of a group like The Valley, it feels like the late '80s and early '90s all over again. On The Valley's new self-titled EP, the explosively dirty guitars are secondary to sturdy hooks, the sort of stuff that's long been the secret ingredient in the best grunge and hard-rock music.

"Come Down" opens with a high-pitched charge right into a wall of guitars, and it's off from there. The words aren't complicated or particularly deep, but that's all right: Monster riffs are the draw here. It's a song for strapping on a seatbelt and enjoying the ride, even if those nearby stop to ask, "Are they from Seattle?"

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