Voices in the News

A sound montage of some of the voices in this past week's news, including Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and former Prime minister Benazir Bhutto.


From NPR News, this is WEEKEND EDITION. I'm Liane Hansen.

And these were some of the voices in the news this past week.

Mr. JOHN EDWARDS (Former Democratic Senator, North Carolina): She says she will end the war, but she continues to say she'll keep combat troops in Iraq and continue combat missions in Iraq. To me, that's not ending the war, that's the continuation of the war.

Senator BARACK OBAMA (Democrat, Illinois): She voted for a war to authorize sending troops in Iraq, and then later said this was a war for diplomacy. I don't think that - now, that may be political savvy, but I don't think that it offers the clear contrast that we need.

Senator HILLARY CLINTON (Democrat, New York): On every issue from health care for children to an energy policy that puts us on the right track to deal with climate change and make us more secure, I have been standing against the Republicans George Bush and Dick Cheney. And I will continue to do so, and I think Democrats know that.

Secretary CONDOLEEZZA RICE (U.S. State Department): We want to look to a plan for effective action against the PKK. It will require not just the United States and Turkey but also the Iraqi government. And that is the discussion that I plan to have when I see Prime Minister Maliki.

Ms. ELIZABETH GUIDER (Editor, The Hollywood Reporter): The studios are claiming that the revenues that they are getting from downloads and Web streaming and mobile phones and all these new devices, it is unclear how big that pie is. But the question is shouldn't they - in any case - grant a percentage of that pie to the writers.

Mr. PATRIC VERRONE (President, Writers Guild of America): I hope that our efforts and the efforts of the Teamsters convince this industry that they need us to provide creative content. And without us, yes, effectively, they don't have a product.

President PERVEZ MUSHARRAF (Pakistan): I personally, with all my convictions and with all the facts available to me, consider that inaction at this moment is suicide of Pakistan. And I cannot allow this country to commit suicide.

Ms. BENAZIR BHUTTO (Former Prime Minister, Pakistan): I understand that General Musharraf says that what he thinks good for the country must come first. But I'm afraid, one-man solutions don't work. And it's wrong for General Musharraf to allocate to himself what's right for Pakistan.

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