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Cheerleader Chants and Indie-Rock Dance

'Doing It Right' by The Go! Team

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Monday's Pick

  • Song: "Doing It Right"
  • Artist: The Go! Team
  • CD: Proof of Youth
  • Genre: Pop

The Go! Team combines five decades of popular music on "Doing It Right." Jaime Beeden hide caption

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Jaime Beeden

In an alternate universe, The Go! Team's "Doing It Right" doubles as the funky opening-credits jam for an obscure mid-'70s television show about a high school filled with happy people.

A sextet from Brighton, England, The Go! Team combines kitsch and hand-claps with cheerleader chants and indie-rock dance. On "Doing It Right," horns punch against trebly guitar riffs, as clattering percussion bumps alongside fuzzy bass lines and the kid-friendly sound of a vibraphone. A genre- and decade-spanning mélange, "Doing It Right" covers '60s pop, '70s funk, '80s rap and '90s sampledelica for a sound that's positively modern: confused and clever while still appealing to listeners' basic need to dance vigorously.

MC Ninja usually approximates the role of a booster club's bossy president, but on "Doing It Right," she lets guitarist Kaori Tsuchida help her build the prom float. Ninja shouts out the verses that pave way for Tsuchida's sing-song vocalizing, which plays out alongside bubblegum melodies and airy production straight out of a Sid and Marty Krofft TV production. It's hard to make out exactly what Ninja and Tsuchida are saying, but it's got to be way positive — maybe about how awesome homecoming will be.

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