Attitudes of Gratitude: Listeners Give Thanks - Part II

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Hear listeners share personal reflections on why their grateful this Thanksgiving.


But before that, we wanted to take a pause to hear a little bit from you, our listeners, with a few more of your Thanksgiving memories.

Ms. ANGELIQUE NASA(ph) (Listener): My name is Angelique Nasa. And I listen to TELL ME MORE on Sirius satellite radio, and I'm from Daytona Beach, Florida. During this Thanksgiving week, I would like to express my gratitude for the very timely Mocha Moms segment on your show. It's like a few minutes of therapy for me each week. I go into a head-nodding frenzy in my car each time I hear the moms talk about issues I face each day. Topics such as elder care, teaching our children about cultural heritage and self-respect totally resonate with me. Thanks for giving the Mocha Moms a space to share their experiences.

Ms. KELDRIC(ph) THOMAS(ph) (Listener): I'm Keldric Thomas. I'm from Pulaski, Georgia. And I listen to TELL ME MORE on the Internet. The most memorable Thanksgiving that I have experienced was definitely the Thanksgiving after the passing of my grandfather. His passing brought us all closer. And from - well, we all realized how precious life was.

And not only that, but one of my uncles who had been overseas in the military was able to come back for the Thanksgiving, and also my relatives from different U.S. states, they were able to come. And it was also the first time that there were ever five living generations in the home at the same time. And so that Thanksgiving was definitely the most memorable.

MARTIN: Thanks to all of our listeners for sharing their stories.

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