Three Points in Entire Dolphins-Steelers Game

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News worth an honorable mention.


Hey, welcome back to THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT. Great campaign books - as the presidential campaign season heats up, a potential source of wisdom may lie at your local library: the chronicles of campaign's past. That's coming up a little bit later on the show. But now, you know, we like to mix it up a little bit. We do would like you to buckle up, do not pass go. Get ready for The Ramble.

(Soundbite of music)

STEWART: You're up first, Rachel.


I am. Some sad news from London commuters: The tube lady lost her job. Anyone who rides the subway system in London knows this famous voice, you know, Mind the Gap. I can't really say it very well.

STEWART: Mind the gap, mind the gap.

MARTIN: She actually has a name, Emma Clarke, the voiceover artist who says mind the gap, and makes other quaint little announcements has currently been let go of her gig with the London Transportation Authorities. Clarke had been given an interview to a British paper where she applied the word dreadful to the experience of riding the tube - probably not something that she should be doing as the voice of the tube.

Clarke says the word was taken badly out of context, but she was already in some hot water over a series of spoof announcements she recorded for her Web site, like this one.

Mr. EMMA CLARKE (Former Employee, London Transportation Authority): Would the passenger in the red shirt pretending to read a paper but is actually staring at that woman's chest, please stop? You're not fooling anyone, you filthy pervert.

(Soundbite of laughter)

MARTIN: No, you're not fooling anyone.

STEWART: I really could have that and record it and just play that.

MARTIN: You cheeky monkey, eyes off the lovely lass.

STEWART: Okay, my Ramble story today, one of them is about this case of Tiffany versus eBay. The venerable jeweler with the little blue box is suing the big online marketplace for making it apparently too easy for people to buy Tiffany fakes.

Tiffany says eBay could be doing a lot harder to prevent counterfeit rings, bracelets and goblets with a Tiffany insignia. They say eBay, you need to do something about this. eBay says hey, we're not responsible for determining what's real and what's fake.

Now, this has gone to court already. It's gone another hearing. The bigger picture issue here is if Tiffany wins this case, it could threaten eBay's business model entirely. So…


STEWART: Also, buyers beware, if you're cheap guy, you might not want to get the little blue box online. It might not be real come this Christmas. She will not say yes, I'll marry you.

MARTIN: Okay, so this is - I mean, do you and I watch football? No. But even we…

STEWART: Oh, wait. I…

MARTIN: You do?

STEWART: …de facto have to watch football.

MARTIN: You have to watch football because of Bill.

But even this story is - it's so sad. The Miami Dolphins - they just - they can't win any games, apparently. The Dolphins are 0 and 11 this series - season, rather. It's not a series. It's a season. In last night's match against Pittsburgh, both teams played poorly. They were playing Pittsburgh, and the Steelers edged out the Dolphins for a 3-0 win at the last minute.

STEWART: Which means they were - they were 0-0 for most of the game.

MARTIN: Yeah, and I guess there was, you know, there was a perfect storm of sorts. It was raining and the field was wet, and - but apparently, this is the lowest rank NFL game since World War II.

(Soundbite of laughter)

MARTIN: That's a long time. It's been bad.

STEWART: Finally, this is a sad note. Kevin DuBrow, former frontman of the band Quiet Riot, has died. Oh, yeah, they had a number-one hit song in 1983. Let's listen. There it is.

(Soundbite of song, "Cum on Feel the Noize")

Mr. KEVIN DuBROW (Lead Singer, Quiet Riot): (Singing) Come on, feel the noise. Girls, rock your boys. We'll get wild, wild, wild, wild, wild, wild.

MARTIN: It totally makes me want to, like, tease up my bangs.

STEWART: I'm telling you.

MARTIN: Throw my neck around, get my leg warmers on.

STEWART: I'm back in Jersey at the mall.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: You didn't know you were going to bang your head on NPR this early in the morning, or ever.

MARTIN: Good times.

STEWART: Yeah. He died in his home in Las Vegas - only 52 years old. The county coroner is examining the body to determine the cause of death.

MARTIN: An era has passed.

STEWART: Ladies and gentlemen, that's The Ramble.

(Soundbite of song, "Cum on Feel the Noize")

Mr. DuBROW: …anymore. Oh, no. So come on feel the noise, girls rock your boys. We're getting wild, wild, wild, wild, wild, wild. Come on, feel the noise. Girls, rock your boys. We'll get wild, wild, wild. And…

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