Iowans Are Leaning But Haven't Committed

With five weeks to go until the caucuses, Iowans are wearing candidate stickers and cheering at candidate events. But ask them who they will vote for, and many say they're just not sure yet.

The first key contest in next year's presidential election will take place in Iowa five weeks from Thursday. Voters from both parties will caucus in support of their candidates, and the outcome could have a decisive impact on the rest of the campaign.

But after months of relentless campaigning by candidates, many voters say they're still undecided on whom to back Jan. 3.

Polls may show Iowans backing one candidate or another. But at campaign events this week, many claimed to be leaning one way or another — and then said they're not ready to make a commitment.

One of those dithering voters is Marlene Erhardt. She's a 73-year-old Republican from West Des Moines, and she plans to caucus for the first time this year.

"I'm waiting till everybody has their say on everything, and then we'll go to the caucus and see what happens," she says.

When asked whether she's leaning toward anyone, Erhardt says yes — but then declines to elaborate.

"I may change, you know — a woman can always change her mind."



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