NPR logo Standoff at Clinton Office Ends with Man's Arrest


Standoff at Clinton Office Ends with Man's Arrest

Police arrested a man Friday evening suspected of taking hostages at a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, N.H.

The man entered a Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign office early Friday afternoon wearing what appeared to be a bomb strapped to his chest. He demanded to speak Clinton.

The man initially ordered the hostages — all campaign volunteers — onto the floor and then released a mother and her baby, said State Police Maj. Michael Hambrook. One other woman was released about two hours later.

Shortly after releasing the last of the hostages, the man walked out of the storefront office, put down a homemade bomb-like package and was immediately surrounded by a SWAT team with guns drawn. He was placed on the ground and handcuffed.

Hillary Clinton was in the Washington area the whole time, but she canceled all appearances while the hostage drama dragged on for nearly six hours. The confrontation brought her campaign to a standstill just five weeks before the New Hampshire primary.

"I just could not be prouder of the people who are in my campaign," Clinton said after the situation had ended. "I'm so grateful that this difficult day has ended so well."

The Clinton office is located in the downtown area of Rochester in a strip of several storefronts.

Workers at Sen. Barack Obama's campaign office in Rochester also were evacuated, a campaign spokesman said. The office is four doors away from Clinton's. Staffers in John Edwards' office, a few buildings away, were evacuated, as well.

From NPR reports and The Associated Press