65 Little Monkeys Chattering in Maui

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From Maui, Hawaii, Lucy Lerner Wormser brings us the sounds of her primate sanctuary. These small monkeys come from pet stores, homes and labs. This is the first time they have been in the wild. As part of our "SoundClips" series, we hear 65 of them chattering.


We head to another wild place and today's SoundClips. SoundClips highlight the things our listeners hear in their lives. And today's edition comes from a woman who cares about the lives of animals.

Ms. LUCY LERNER WORMSER (Founder; President, Pacific Primate Sanctuary): Well, my name is Lucy Lerner Wormser. I live on the island of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands, and I'm the founder and the president of Pacific Primate Sanctuary.

(Soundbite of monkeys chattering)

Ms. WORMSER: The sanctuary is a non-profit refuge for small, rainforest monkeys and the monkeys have wound up in laboratories and in the pet trade. They've never been outside. They've never seen the outside world or been in the green world of plants and trees and vines. They've never felt the sun on their bodies or the rain on their fur. They've never heard the wind. They've never seen the sky.

(Soundbite of monkeys chattering)

Ms. WORMSER: When the volunteers opened the cargo door to go into care for the monkeys, these are the sounds that we hear.

(Soundbite of monkeys chattering)

Ms. WORMSER: It makes us truly happy to hear their sounds. We call them the free generation there, animals who have finally come to a place where their needs are served.

(Soundbite of monkeys chattering)

BLOCK: From Maui, Hawaii, that's Lucy Lerner Wormser at her private sanctuary.

(Soundbite of music)

BLOCK: Happy New Year, everyone from all of us at ALL THINGS CONSIDERED and NPR News.

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