On the Blog: Over the Edge with Twitter What's clicking on the Bryant Park Project blog today.
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Rob Paterson, aka @robpatrob, checks in from Canada

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On the Blog: Over the Edge with Twitter

On the Blog: Over the Edge with Twitter

Rob Paterson, aka @robpatrob, checks in from Canada

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What's clicking on the Bryant Park Project blog today.


So, we, here at THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT blog bravely go where no reasonable blog would go. Our Web editor, Laura Conaway, is here now to take us right off the edge.


Captain of the expedition every day.

MARTIN: Laura.

LAURA CONAWAY: Good morning.


CONAWAY: Good morning. How are you?

MARTIN: We're good.

STEWART: Let's go nuts.

CONAWAY: Let's go nuts. Let's go nuts. Let's get crazy.

STEWART: Let's go crazy.

CONAWAY: It's Twitter. It's 24/7 Twitter right now for me. My whole life has been reduced to a great swirling cone of Twitter.com, which is - it's a cocktail party. I keep calling it a cocktail party; other people probably prefer pure metaphors. But…

STEWART: Tea party.

CONAWAY: Tea party. That's right.

MARTIN: Beverage of your choice party.

CONAWAY: Thank you, Rachel. We have a feed at Twitter.com/bpp that we're going to look at.

STEWART: I'm on it right now.

CONAWAY: Yeah. It's just as easy to look at. It is - they're really trying to explain it. But the point is - there's a lot of people having a conversation. And when we started going public with ours this week, and lots of people began joining our Twitter feed and talking to each other. And we thought this was just great.

But there's one guy named Rob Patterson(ph) says there is still a hitch. And it's that we can see our Twitterers(ph), but they can't see each other. So I talked to him about it.

Mr. ROB PATTERSON (Blogger): Because the issue is that I don't know who - if I'm not on some of your other super users list, as a follower or following them. I don't see them, you see. You see all of us who follow you. But I only see those who follow me or I follow. I don't know if I am being clear enough.

CONAWAY: So it's kind of mind-blowing. It's hard to kind of - it's hard to get. But basically, with Twitter, you sign up to follow each other's feeds. So because we're a big radio show, lots of people hear about us over the air, over Sirius. And they sign up to follow our feeds. But they don't necessarily follow each other. So you have all these users who are sort of twittering or twitting into devoid.

Then, Rob Patterson lives on Prince Edward Island and he consult some big media about this kind of Web stuff. And he has an idea for us. It starts with our biggest Twitter users, the people who are playing around in our feed all day long. Here it is.

Mr. PATTERSON: And I would get an e-mail out and I would send an e-mail to all that group saying, you know, hi, Rob, this is, you know, Fred, Jane, Mary and John, and if they're not on your Twitter, you know, list now could you consider adding each other, so that we can have a show, and you might, actually - I'm making this up as I'm going along - we might actually have a segment on the show sometime soon where, in fact, all this becomes at the moment is the back channel that you might actually get it on to the front channel.

CONAWAY: The guy is just doing my job for me.



CONAWAY: Yeah, I'm done. I'm going - I'll be out this week.

(Soundbite of laughter)

MARTIN: Rob is taking over.

CONAWAY: Yeah, Rob is in the house. Rob Patterson, based - shows, you know, let's send out an e-mail.

STEWART: And he's twittering right now. I am mumbling on THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT.

CONAWAY: Rob is that…

STEWART: Well, you do it in a lovely accent.

CONAWAY: He's actually from England, turns out, although there is a maritime accent that's quite distinct in Canada. He is - best be, yeah. He said, you know, let's send out this e-mail and I'm going to do it. I already went ahead and twittered about it or twitted this morning and a few people volunteered so.

STEWART: See, we listen to you.

CONAWAY: Thank you.

STEWART: When you talk.

CONAWAY: I'm going to post a blog entry as a way to - for people to comment and say yeah I volunteer, I'll twit about it. And, you know, I really think that it's worth doing. We'll watch in on this, if we miss you let us know we want you to be part of following every else's feed. And so this is guy Rob Patterson aka Rob Potrob(ph).

Mr. PATTERSON: It's like going to a diner in a small town, and the radio is going on, and the news and stuff like that, and you're chatting to your pals in the diner about what's going on. That's what it feels like.

CONAWAY: That's lovely.

STEWART: It's kind of lovely. Yeah.

CONAWAY: Sounds good to me.



CONAWAY: I like that. Sometimes you think you're just slicing your brain up during this Web work and then somebody comes out and tells you how beautiful it is.

MARTIN: You're beautiful, Laura.

CONAWAY: Thank you.

STEWART: Laura Conaway, thank you so much.

Shout out the addresses, real quick.

CONAWAY: Npr.org/bryantpark, that's the big one, and then twitter.com/bpp where the action is today.

STEWART: Okay, cool.

Well, we're all done here folks. THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT is directed today by Jacob Ganz and Ian Chillag. It takes two men to drive this ship.

Our staff includes Angela Ellis, Caitlin Kenney, Dan Pashman, Ian Chillag.

MARTIN: I wonder if any relation to Ian.

STEWART: Win Rosenfeld and Zena Barakat.

MARTIN: Manoli Weather also our technical guru, ably assisted by Josh Rogenson.

STEWART: Tricia McKinney is our editor. Laura Conaway, you just heard her. She is our Web site and blog.

MARTIN: Hey, welcome to our interns. We love them. We're glad you're here.

STEWART: William Hoffman(ph), Elsa Butler(ph) and Laurie Silver(ph), thanks for all the coffee so far.

Our senior producer is Matt Martinez. Sharon Hoffman is our executive producer.

MARTIN: Hey, I'm Rachel Martin.

STEWART: And I'm Alison Stewart. You come and visit us at the Web, npr.org/bryantpark. And I am off to Sundance this afternoon. We're going to collect up some videos, some audio, a little blog content for you all weekend. I will talk to you Friday, live, from the studios of our member station KCPW in Salt Lake City.

Batten down the hatches, boys.


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