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S.C. Primary Update from the Huckabee Camp

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Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are locked in a very close race in the South Carolina Republican primary. NPR's Audie Cornish gives an update from Huckabee's campaign headquarters at the convention center in downtown Columbia, S.C.


And now to Audie Cornish, who's also at South Carolina at the Convention Center in downtown Columbia, where Mike Huckabee has his headquarters.

Audie, what's the mood there?

AUDIE CORNISH: I think the mood is just as cautious as it is over at McCain's place. Essentially, the campaign managers here are repeatedly bringing up the bad weather, I think maybe downplaying expectations because some of worst weather was in the areas of the state that where the most Republican, the most conservative and the most evangelical.

SEABROOK: Audie, what did you hear from voters this week? I know you spoke to many of them.

CORNISH: Well, there's definitely a divide in terms of you have your evangelical vote, but that's not a monolithic vote. There are folks behind the sort of Bob Jones University people, and fundamentalists who back Mitt Romney. You have the Southern Baptists of there's more than half a million in the state. And they obviously are tends to support a Baptist like Mike Huckabee. So it wasn't obvious which way these votes would go, even though it would seem that Huckabee obviously has a natural constituency here.

SEABROOK: Now, do we have any word that Mike Huckabee will be speaking at all tonight?

CORNISH: He will be speaking, but we don't know when. And I think that's because it's so close right now. We're not hearing a lot from the campaign about exit polls. They're not really wanting to get to details to talk about it.

SEABROOK: It's a nail-biter. NPR's Audie Cornish in Columbia, South Carolina. Thanks very much, Audie.

CORNISH: Thank you.

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