Deny Thy Name to Show Super Bowl Allegiance

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Dan Brady, the owner of Brady's Bar in Manhattan, has changed the name of his establishment to "Manning's" for just the few days leading up to the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots' quarterback is Tom Brady; the New York Giants' is Eli Manning.


By the way, there's a bar at the corner of 82nd Street, 2nd Avenue in Manhattan called Brady's. What, like Tom Brady? That's like opening a bar in Boston and calling it Jeeter's. I mean how can a New Yorker say to his or her friends, Hey let's go catch the game at Brady's. Actually the bar is named for its owner Dan Brady who joins us from the bar. Mr. Brady, I gather your bar has a new name, at least this weekend.

Mr. DAN BRADY (Owner, Brady's Bar in Manhattan): Yes it does.

SIMON: What's it called?

Mr. BRADY: It's called Manning's after Eli.

SIMON: So how did this come about?

Mr. BRADY: The Mayor's office gave me a call on late Tuesday evening and made the suggestion to me if I'd like to be involved in it, and I said, well sure.

SIMON: Now wait. When the Mayor's office makes a suggestion, it's not like just your friendly suggestion, is it? Did they say you'd have a liquor license inspection or something if you didn't?

Mr. BRADY: No, just a matter of putting a banner over the name.

SIMON: But it's going to be called Manning's until, like, Sunday at midnight?

Mr. BRADY: Yes. It's going to be called Manning's. People are a little bit confused coming in. What do they want to call me, they don't know. You can call me Eli for now I suppose.

SIMON: You're a pretty devoted Giants fan I've been told.

Mr. BRADY: Oh yes. I'm a Giants season ticket holder since 19, like, 83. My family have been season ticket holders since early 1960.

SIMON: Oh, so this is not just another game for you, is it?

Mr. BRADY: Oh no, no, no. It's a big, big, big, game.

SIMON: You expect there'll be a crowd there on Sunday.

Mr. BRADY: Yeah, I think I have a very good crowd here on Sunday, yes.

SIMON: Patriot fans?

Mr. BRADY: Maybe one or two here. There might be a few.

SIMON: But you'll make them comfortable despite.

Mr. BRADY: Yeah, yeah. We'll have a little bit of fun, you know. That's what it's all about, you know. Just enjoy yourself.

SIMON: You have a call for the Super Bowl?

Mr. BRADY: 37-34 Giants.

SIMON: Well Mr. Brady, have a good game, okay.

Mr. BRADY: Yes, that's the best we hope for. Let's have them make sure it's exciting and hopefully the Giants come out on top.

SIMON: Dan Brady, owner of the bar Brady's - Manning's. Sorry. You're listening to Manning Edition, from NPR News.

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