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Replay: An "Ode to Super Tuesday"

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Replay: An "Ode to Super Tuesday"

Election 2008

Replay: An "Ode to Super Tuesday"

Replay: An "Ode to Super Tuesday"

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Whenever you're overwhelmed by 43 races happening in real time, maybe the best response is to write a song. That's what Jill Sobule did, with "Ode to Super Tuesday."


So for the candidates, it's pretty easy to see why Tuesday was so super. But you know what? It was special for the rest of us too. And on special days like this, we'd like to turn to a certain songwriter to give us a little perspective.

Yesterday, the BPP's own musical commentator Jill Sobule stopped by our studios with a special guest, Reeve, who presented a musical "Ode to Super Tuesday."


Now, Jill confessed to us she's become obsessed with the election and all she does is watch the news, listen to the radio. She and Reeve have found themselves engaged in politics as a spectator sport, hanging on every piece of information. Do you stay up until they've called for California. While you're waiting, you might as well see the good folks of Alaska voted. And before you know it, Super Tuesday has stretched into Super Wednesday. But why stop there, Jill?

Ms. JILL SOBULE (Singer/Songwriter): Okay.

(Soundbite of song, "Ode to Super Tuesday")

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's Super Tuesday, it's Super Tuesday. We're so excited. It's Super Tuesday.

REEVE: (Rapping) Well, we call it Super Tuesday and I don't doubt it, but this is all I really figured out about it. 30 zillion delegates and 20-something states, pick from just a half a dozen candidates.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's Super Tuesday. It's Super Tuesday. It's T to the U to the E to the S to the D to the A and all the rest, that's Y.

REEVE: (Rapping) When Super Wednesday comes around, they'll switch stuff up and will take stuff down and for all we know the National Nosebleeders Association could reelect the Cabinet from its last administration.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's Super Wednesday, not as exciting as Super Tuesday. But we'll go over all the numbers and charts and listen to all those experts.

REEVE: (Rapping) Thursday is the day after the day after the super shindig and they'll still be discussing who did or didn't win big, but I suggest the rest of us take the whole freakin' day to figure the typeface on our resume.

Ms. SOBULE: Yeah, it's Super Thursday. It's super Thursday. Was gonna finally do my laundry and I'll watch "Lost."

REEVE: (Rapping) On Super Friday, an average-looking person has a dentist appointment at 3:00 for teeth cleaning. And by teeth cleaning, I mean teeth whitening. By dentist, I mean a tanning salon. By average-looking person, I mean, me. And by 3:00, by 3:00 on Friday, I hope to be just to be just a little less average looking.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's Super Friday. It's Super Friday. Everyone's exhausted and that's why no one calls me to go out tonight, I hope.

REEVE: (Rapping) When the weekend comes around as the weekend will, maybe demons will climb out of our barbeque grills and a host of angels will descend from above, will all pelt the demons with some turtledoves and then I don't know maybe the angels will spread out into the night and they'll gobble up every devil demon in sight. They'll eat the cars and eat the bars and then they'll only eat guitars and we'll all be like, holy crap, that old Blondie song was right except instead of a man from Mars, it's angels.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's super weekend. It's super weekend. What did you do this weekend? I had some really strange apocalyptic dream.

REEVE: (Rapping) Monday won't be super. It's a whole new week. And we won't inherit diddley 'cause we're not exactly meek, but we won't have our super duper powers anymore so we're back to being decent, like we usually were before.

Ms. SOBULE: (Singing) It's regular Monday. It's a normal Monday. Back to all our hopes and dreams and fears. And on Super Monday, a garden variety Monday. If you wanna be superbly, you gotta wait four more years.

REEVE: (Singing): Four more years.

Ms. SOBULE: Super Tuesday.

(Soundbite of cheers and applause)

STEWART: Ladies and gentlemen, Jill Sobule and Reeve, goes by one name, kind of like Cher, with the BPP musical commentary exclusive and you can see the video of that performance on our Web site,

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