Anagram Magic

In this week's on-air puzzle, every answer is a two-word phrase, in which both words start with the letter "P" and the two words are anagrams of each other. For example, for the clue, "One hundred percent the land of Lima," the answer would be, "Pure Peru."

Challenge from Last Week: Name a sport that has only one vowel in its name. Change that vowel to a different vowel, and read the result backward, you'll name a piece of equipment used in that sport. What's the sport and what's the piece of equipment?

The answer: The sport is golf and the piece of equipment is a flag.

The winner: Karen Phillips from Arlington, Texas

This week's challenge: Name a city in six letters that's a popular tourists destination. Divide this name in half, move the first three letters to the end keeping everything else in order, you'll name some places where people like to relax. What are they?



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