Bill Baird: 'It's Already Here'

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Austin, TX native Bill Baird has put together a homey, intimate collection of songs called {{{Sunset}}}. hide caption

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Austin, TX native Bill Baird has put together a homey, intimate collection of songs called {{{Sunset}}}.

Singer-songwriter Bill Baird has put together a beautifully lo-fi collection of songs he's calling {{{Sunset}}}. The Austin, TX native imbues his homey tunes with a quirky, playful bounce, helped by instruments like a toy piano. The result is bare and innocent album that sounds as though a friend were strumming songs just for you in his living room.

Bill Baird says most of his songs start with "an acoustic guitar, a gallon of coffee, an Otari tape machine, and an urge to dive into spontaneous creative bliss. This meant that whoever happened upon the recording session often ended up playing — horn players, accordian players."

At one point while piecing the album together, Baird says he "saw a guy standing in the street with an upright bass and introduced myself, asked him to come in and record on the song I was swimming around in. He came inside, recorded his parts, and shortly after was picked up by his mom. We haven't seen each other since."

For the featured cut, "It's Already Here," Baird says he was inspired in part by The Beatles' Revolver. "Hence the droning accordian, echo-drenched French horn, prominent bassline, and lyrics about fear, joy, and folks who are all dead inside."

Baird is a prolific artist, sketching out as many as ten songs a week, all with a strict DIY work ethic. "DIY just means not waiting for an expert to come along and give you permission to make your art," he says. "DIY means taking things into your own hands, on whichever level of "the industry" you fall ( I bet David Bowie is very DIY ); it's trying to directly express yourself, grabbing the reins, because the thrust of an idea can be lost in translation or by hesitating. Middle-men can water ideas down and so can too much time."

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