The Hidden Presidents

This week, an on-air presidential puzzle for Presidents Day. Will reads a series of sentences. Each sentence conceals the name of a U.S. president in consecutive letters. For example: Have moms hairstyle redone. The answer would be Tyler, which is hidden inside, hairsTYLE Redone.

Challenge from Last Week: Name a city in six letters that's a popular tourist destination. Divide this name in half, move the first three letters to the end keeping everything else in order, you'll name some places where people like to relax. What are they?

The answer: Nassau and saunas

The winner: Art Duncan from Niskayuna, N.Y.

This Week's Challenge: From listener Myron Beck, from University Park, Md. There's a seven-letter word for something that is a measure of wealth and power. The first four letters name an animal that is a symbol of power. And the last four letters name another animal that is a symbol of power. What's the word?



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