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Michele Norris has a quiz on some on some of the notable (and perhaps not so notable) presidential milestones of years past. See if you can answer these. We'll hear the answers at the end of the program.


Now, we've been hearing and talking a lot this presidential election season about possible presidential firsts. Hillary Clinton could be the first woman to be president. Barack Obama could be the first African-American. John McCain could be the first veteran of the Vietnam War.

Well, that got us thinking about some of the presidential firsts that have already happened - milestones that have already been passed. And we thought we'd put this to you in the form of a quiz.

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NORRIS: So if you got something to write with, jot these down and see if you can get them right. We'll give you the answers at the end of the hour.

So number one, who was the first president to visit a foreign country? The first president who to visit a foreign country, got it?

Okay, here's number two: The first president to visit the West Coast. The first president to visit the West Coast. Okay?

Number three. Who was the first president to be born west of the Mississippi? That's the first president to be born west of the mighty Mississippi.

Ready for number four? How about the first president to have been born in a hospital? That's right. the first president born in a hospital.

On to number five. The first bachelor to be elected president. Our first bachelor president. Okay?

Number six. The first president to be divorced. Once again, who was the first president to have been divorced.

Here's number seven. The first president to resign. The first U.S. president to resign.

And number eight, the first president to die while in office. The first president to die in office.

(Unintelligible) two more, stay with us, this is number nine. What do you think was the first president or do you think was the president to wear trousers regularly? First to wear pants instead knee breeches.

And number 10, here's a bonus question. Who was the first president to own a radio? The first American president to own a radio.

Okay, give it some thought. We'll have answers at the back of the hour.

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