Images from Iraq: Embedded in Fallujah

'L.A. Times' Reporter on the Front Lines of Insurgent Battle

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An injured U.S. Marine Corpsman lays under an American flag.

An injured U.S. Marine Corpsman lays under an American flag recovering in a field hospital after he and several other Marines were caught in a mortar attack while playing football. Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times hide caption

toggle caption Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times

NPR's Alex Chadwick talks with Los Angeles Times reporter Tony Perry about Perry's experience in Iraq. Perry recently returned from the embattled city of Fallujah, where he was embedded with U.S. Marines battling insurgents for control of the city.

The "Sunni Triangle" city, a former center of power for deposed dictator Saddam Hussein's Baath Party, became a focal point of clashes between U.S.-led forces and loose bands of anti-U.S. fighters in March after four security contractors were ambushed and their bodies mutilated.

After weeks of fierce gun battles, U.S. Marines reached a deal with Fallujah city officials to transfer power to a military force headed by Iraqis — some of them former Baath Party members.



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