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Listeners Share Their Stories Of When Cellphones Are Their 'Best Friends'

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Listeners share stories about a time when their mobile phone was indispensable.


Two weeks ago, we asked you, our listeners, to tell us about your relationship with technology, specifically your mobile phones. We wanted to know: When did you realize your cellphone was indispensable? Or was there a moment when you wish you didn't have one at all? Well, many of you wrote in to share your stories and here are just a few of them.


AMBER MANCINI: This is Amber Mancini of Old Forge, Pa. I was in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with my boyfriend and his family. We were sitting in a Cha stall, which is a tea stall, and the power shut off and it was nighttime. It was dark. But then a couple of the men pulled out their cellphone to make sure they have enough sugar in the cup. And I realized, well, jeez, it's not even that a cellphone is necessary to call people, but they use it as a flashlight.


DAVID HART: My name is David Hart from Anchorage, Alaska. We were on a bike tour in Canada. We checked in with the group but when we got to our room, the key didn't work. I went back to the front desk but the clerk would only speak French, and I only spoke English. I took out my iPhone and used it to translate. Now, I love my wife but if I had propped her up on the counter, I still wouldn't have a key. And that's when I realized my phone was really my best friend.


THAD COLL: My name is Thad Coll(ph) and I live in Santaquin, Utah. My haiku that I wrote is called "Super Inconvenient," and goes like this.

(Reading) Bring back the phone booths, tough to put on cape and tights in an otter box.


KATIE BLUNT: I'm Katie Blunt(ph) from Fresno, Calif. I was pregnant in October of 2009, and I was thrilled. The year before, I had two miscarriages. Because I was all blissed-out about being pregnant again, and because I had an iPhone, I Facebooked my pregnancy like no pregnancy had been Facebooked before. So yeah, I am the one with her phone always in her hand. I'm the one who Facebooked in the delivery room. I'm the one who wouldn't have it any other way.

BLOCK: Listeners telling us about their relationships with cellphones. And thanks to everyone who wrote in.


THE KINKS: (Singing) Wish I had a more direct connection...

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