Lost & Found Sound

The Partridge Family's Grand Tour

Lost and Found Sound: Recordings of a Trip Around the World

Marika and her mother lie on their cots and record tape in Kenya in 1968.

Marika and her mother recording tape in Kenya in 1968. Marika Partridge hide caption

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Marika and her brother riding and elephant.

Marika and her brother during one of their calmer experiences with an elephant. Marika Partridge hide caption

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NPR’s Marika Partridge and her family spent a year touring the world when she was 13. Her father had just retired from the military and the family was on its way home to Vermont.

Back in 1968, many places that might now be difficult or impossible for an American to travel through by car, were relatively open. The family drove and camped through Cambodia, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Kenya and much of Europe

Produced by Marika Partidge. Lost and Found Sound executive producers are The Kitchen Sisters and Jay Allison.

Marika’s father had a reel-to-reel tape player and taught everyone in the family to use it. The result was 100 hours of taped adventures. In this edition, Lost and Found Sound listens to tape of the Partidges round-the-world journey.

They met Indian Yogis, saw Afghans participate in their most traditional sport and recorded Massai singing in Kenya. Once, in the middle of the night, their camp ground was invaded by a slobbering elephant who ate fruit salad, oatmeal, sugar and several boxes full of matches. Marika’s father tried to scare the elephant off by throwing chairs.



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