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Tour of the Peabody Hotel on "This Is Memphis", September 18, 1946, from the Marvin Bensman Collection

Easy - Jimmy DeBerry & Walter Horton, Recorded Feb 25, 1953, The Sun Record Collection, 1994 BMG

Funeral of Hilard Smith at the National Funeral Home, Dec 5, 1951, Recorded by Sam Phillips, Memphis Recording Service

B. B. Blues - B. B King, Recorded Jan. 8, 1951, The Sun Record Collection, 1994 BMG

Rocket 88, Jackie Brenston with His Delta Cats, Recorded March 5, 1951, The Sun Record Collection, 1994 BMG

School Daze Review, Nancy Coltharp Piano recital, 1950, Recorded by Sam Phillips, the Memphis Recording Service

Come Back Baby, Doctor Ross, Recorded Oct. 3, 1953, The Sun Record Collection, 1994 BMG

Moanin' at Midnight, Howlin Wolf, Recorded by Aug. 1951, The Sun Record Collection, 1994 BMG

Just Walkin' in the Rain, The Prisonnaires, Recorded June 1, 1953, The Sun Record Collection, 1994 BMG

Glenn Rutherford singing Ave Maria, Memphis Recording Service, 1953

Take a Little Chance with Me, Jimmy DeBerry, May 16, 1953, The Sun Record Collection, 1994 BMG


With Very Special Thanks

Sam Phillips

Becky Phillips

Sally Wilbourn

Knox Phillips

Diane Duncan

Jerry Phillips

Peter Guralnick

Robert Gordon

Colin Escott

Wayne Emmons

John Dolan and the National Funeral

Home of Memphis

Glenn Rutherford

David Leonard

Levi Frasier

Michael Weber

Laura Folger

Dave Shultz

Sun Studios: Mark Bell and Betty Bell, James Lott, Robert Rixie, Karyl Kong, Karen Foster, Sam Tibbs, Michael Conway, Lisa Gill, Scott Taylor, Holland Hardin, Erika Mulgrew, Mic Walker, Trip Lamkins and Kerry Ryan

WKNO Memphis: Susan Westfall, Director of Radio, Jamie LaMar, Maureen McCormick and Donna Childs

The Talbot Heirs Guesthouse

Phil and Jamie Baker

Archives & Collections

University of Memphis, Mississippi Valley Collection

University of Memphis, Marvin Bensman Collection: Prof. Marvin Bensman, Prof. David Evans, Jim Cole, Richard Hite

Technical Help

Jim McKee, Earwax Productions, San Francisco

James Lott, Sun Studios

WGBH - Boston: John Voci and Jane Pipik

American Zoetrope: Ethan Dener,

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