Candidates on the Issues: Energy Policy

Bush, Kerry Both Urge Independence from Foreign Oil

Sen. John Kerry, left, and Presiden Bush Reuters hide caption

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Energy policy rarely takes center stage in a presidential race. But amid high gasoline prices this year, voters seem to be paying attention.

Both President Bush and Sen. John Kerry are touting long-term plans to cut dependence on foreign oil and develop new sources of energy at home — while criticizing each other's positions. NPR's Allison Aubrey reports.

The Candidates on Energy Policy

ListenSen. Kerry on on Energy Independence (from a speech given May 27, 2004 in Seattle)

ListenKerry on Spurring Alternative Energy Sources (from a March 29, 2004, speech in Sacramento, Calif.)

ListenKerry on Energy Independence (from a May 25, 2004, speech in Portland, Ore.)

ListenPresident Bush on the Need for Congress to Pass an Energy Bill (from a May 13, 2004, speech in Parkersburg, W.Va.)

ListenBush on Energy Independence, Hydrogen-Fueled Cars and Nuclear Power (from a May 3, 2004, speech in Niles, Mich.)

ListenBush on Gasoline Prices (from remarks to reporters following a May 19, 2004, Cabinet meeting)



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