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Music Credits and Discography for the Story

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Album cover from "Montovani Magic"
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Album cover for "I Like Men" by Peggy Lee.
Album cover for "Nighttime" by  Dolly Holiday
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Music Credits & Discography

"Penthouse Serenade," Nat King Cole, Penthouse Serenade-Nat King Cole at the Piano, Capitol Records

"Polka Dots and Moonbeams," Connie Stevens, Conchetta, Warner Bros. Records

"The Test of Time," Dean Martin, This is Dean Martin

"My Man, Peggy Lee, I Like Men, Capitol Records

"You Go To My Head," Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson, Louis Armstrong meets Oscar Peterson, Verve Records

"Sunday Blues," Julie London, About the Blues, Liberty Records

"Misty," Mantovani, Mantovani Magic, Decca Records

"Take Five," The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Time Out

"Strange Fruit," Carmen McCrae, Carmen McCrae sings Bill Holiday, Columbia Jazz

"My Sweet Lord, Ray Coniff, Ray Coniff and his Singers

We dedicate this program to the incredible Women of WHER who shared their memories and time with us:

Becky Phillips, 1955 - 1986: On Air Personality and Co-Founder of WHER

Denise Howard: Station Designer & Promotions

Rena Franklin, 1956-1958: Disc Jockey, Station Librarian & Publicity

Janie Joplin, 1959 - 1964: Morning Disc Jockey & Copywriter

Bettye Maddox Berger, 1957 & 1962: Disc Jockey & Sales

Nancy Wayne Stracener, 1960 - 1962 Radio Announcer, Weekend Jazz show Disc Jockey

Marge Thrasher, 1961 - early Eighties: Host, "Open Mike"

Dean "The Hat" Duvall, 1962-1965: Sales Manager

Wanda Martin Price, 1965- 1970: Disc Jockey, Business Manager and Sales

Donna Barlett, 1965- 1971: Copywriter, Disc Jockey

Jackie Kelly, 1967 - 1971: Disc Jockey, Copywriter & Traffic

Jaine Rodack, 1967 - 1971: Co-Host of the Dick and Jaine Show

Sylvia Black, late 60s - early 70s: Disc Jockey

Nina Salley Hepburn, late 60s, early 70s: Copywriter, News Broadcaster

And to the memory of the other WHER staff:

Dotty Abbott, Luci Bayless, Pam Bingham, Jeanne Botto, Kit Burkland, Faye Bussell, D. Davison, Dot Fisher, Teresa Kilgore, Marion Keisker, Kathey Hartley, Donna Rae Jackson, Judith Johnson, Pat McGee, Barbara Gurley, Barbara Anne Long, Colleen Milara, Sandy Scott, Edith Smith, Dawn Stanley, Peggy Sternberger, Dottie Stevens, Phyllis Stimbert, Bobbie Stout, Julie Vinson, Laura Yeargain.

With Very Special Thanks to:

Sam Phillips, Becky Phillips, Sally Wilbourn, Knox Phillips, Diane Duncan, Jerry Phillips, Dick & Posey Potter, Wayne Emmons, David Leonard, Judy Peiser — The Center for Southern Folklore, Laura Folger, Dave Shultz.

Sun Studios:

Mark & Betty Bell, James Lott, Robert Rixie, Karyl Kong, Karen Foster, Sam Tibbs, Michael Conway, Lisa Gill, Scott Taylor, Holland Hardin, Erika Mulgrew, Mic Walker, Trip Lamkins and Kerry Ryan.

WKNO Memphis:

Susan Westfall, Jamie LaMar, Maureen McCormick and Donna Childs.

Technical Help:

Jim McKee, Earwax Productions, San Francisco; James Lott, Sun Studios; Roland Janes, Phillips Recording Studio; Wieslaw Pogorzelski; Andrea Plastas; Ricky Fataar; Robert Knox, American Zoetrope; Ethan Derner, American Zoetrope; Travel for the staff of the WHER from Memphis to New York City to be honored at the Museum of Television & Radio provided by Northwest Airlines.

Other Help:

The Talbot Heirs Guesthouse; Phil & Jamie Baker; Archives & Collections & Institutions; University of Memphis, Mississippi Valley Collection; The Marvin Bensman Collection; Professor David Evans; Jim Cole; Ed Frank; Richard Hite; Jacquie Gales Webb, Smithsonian Productions.

Travel for the staff of the WHER from Memphis to New York City to be honored at the Museum of Television & Radio provided by Northwest Airlines.

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