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George Foreman's Grilled Salmon &'Sir-Loin' Steak

Hear George Foreman Recite His Recipe

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It should come as no surprise to our NPR listeners that when we asked George Foreman, former heavyweight champion of the world, for his favorite recipes, he said, "Give me a grill and plate." Below, in his own words, Foreman shares his recipes for grilled salmon and grilled "Sir-Loin" steak.

"First, you get out your garlic. I think that's the most exotic thing that you can have, is some garlic. You can't mess up; the room will smell nice and you can smell it out the window. Lemon pepper — a wonderful invention. And you get salmon steak. That's my favorite. I can have it for breakfast, lunch and there's nothing like a salmon dinner. I love salmon.

"I don't eat a whole lot of meat now, so when I do go for meat, it has to be the most delicious piece ever. So there’s nothing like Sir Loin himself. I do it in the same fashion. Not too many exotic spices. Keep the garlic. No one will turn down the smell of garlic. Lemon pepper, black pepper, marinade. Balsamic vinegar is everywhere now, and I use that with a little oil that I marinade in the refrigerator, but not too long.

"Take that salmon steak, or that sirloin, and put it on the grill, so that the smell is there. Everybody loves smells. And if they need to add whatever they need to add, I just keep the meat as generic as possible. When you got 10 kids — I have 10 kids, five boys and five daughters — you can't go to the left or to the right with spices."

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