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Pat Sherman's SRO Hidden Beans & Rice

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Pat Sherman lived in single-room occupancies (SROs) for a long time. She is now the program coordinator of the walk-in center at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco. Below, in her own words, is her recipe for "Hidden Beans & Rice":

"Beans and rice would probably be the best hidden-kitchen recipe, because you can put your beans on in the morning. You soak 'em overnight and put them on in the morning before you leave. My personal favorite is pinto. Midday, you come back, you throw your rice in. And now they've got the great 99 cent stores, you can get a nice 16 oz. container of all types of spices — chili peppers, child powder, onion powder — and just spice it up. Put your onions and your bell peppers in if you want. Turn your cooker down — you start it off on high, you turn it down. And then you come back in, end of the day, say 4 or 5ish or whenever, and you have your beans and rice, and it's all ready for you. You don’t have to do anything else but grab a bowl."

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