NPR logo Bush Looks to Next Term, Kerry Concedes

Bush Looks to Next Term, Kerry Concedes

Bush Looks to Next Term, Kerry Concedes

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In the Oval Office, President Bush receives a call from Sen. John Kerry conceding the election. Credit: White House hide caption

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President George Bush captures re-election in the 2004 presidential race, winning a majority of the electoral vote. Bush delivered his victory speech at the Ronald Reagan Federal Building in Washington, D.C., looking forward to a "season of hope" for the country. His campaign Wednesday emphasized Bush's strong re-election numbers, which included a margin of more than 3.5 million popular votes.

Sen. John Kerry held out hope for a victory through Wednesday morning, hoping that uncounted provisional ballots in Ohio could help him gain the necessary electoral votes. But as information from Ohio flowed in, the Democratic challenger's campaign realized defeat was inevitable. Kerry gave his concession speech from Faneuil Hall in Boston, calling for healing and unity. Hear NPR's Don Gonyea and NPR's Scott Horsley.

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