NPR logo An Eggnog Recipe from Barbara Allison (Jay's Mom)

An Eggnog Recipe from Barbara Allison (Jay's Mom)

Jay Allison sends us his mother, Barbara Allison's, Eggnog recipe: "There were eggnog recipes descended from both sides of my family, and the recipes warred every Christmas," Jay Allison says. "I don't think anyone ever wins a war like that."


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12 eggs

4-7 tbsp. sugar

1 cup brandy

1 cup Jamaica rum

2+ cups milk

2 cups heavy cream

Note: One batch = 1/2 gallon= 18 cups

Directions: Separate one dozen eggs. Whisk the yolks to blend and whisk in 4-7 tablespoons of sugar, according to your taste. Slowly, add 1 cup of brandy and then 1 cup of Jamaica Rum, whisking as you go Granny always said that the liquor "cooked" the eggs). Stir in 2 cups each of milk and heavy cream. Beat the whites to soft peaks and fold into the above. Pour into jars. Refrigerate overnight, then stir again, to blend in the froth, which will have risen to the top. Add more milk to thin it a little, as you wish. (I think it is better a little thinned.) The taste improves with age — I like to make it several days ahead. Keep refrigerated.