The Inspirational Sounds of 'The Chorus'

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Detail from the film 'The Chorus' i

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Detail from the film 'The Chorus'

Detail from the film 'The Chorus'

In the tradition of films like Mr. Holland's Opus and Stand and Deliver comes Christophe Barratier’s directorial debut The Chorus. A runaway hit in its native France, The Chorus tells the story of a school for troubled boys and the teacher who wrestles them into an angelic sounding choir.

Songs from 'The Chorus'

Listen: "In Memoriam"

Listen: "Vois sur ton Chemin"

Listen: "Cerf-Volant"

With songs co-written by Barratier and veteran composer Bruno Coulais, the film features the ethereal voices of the Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc, a Catholic boys' choir from Lyon.

The low-budget movie nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film opens in New York and Los Angeles this weekend. NPR's Elizabeth Blair reports.



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