Who Is Jill Scott? Now She's a Poet, Too

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In 2000, Jill Scott's acclaimed platinum-selling debut CD Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds, Vol. 1 pushed the R&B singer into the spotlight and earned her six Grammy nominations. Critics praised her earthy, erotic, soulful lyrics.

From 'The Moments...'

Hear Jill Scott read selections from her new book of poetry:

Scott's latest project tackles a different, yet equally lyrical genre: poetry. She shares her personal poetry collection in The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours. She talks with Ed Gordon about the intersection of words and music.

From The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours:

"When the Women Gather"

Ever watch the women?
How they laugh?
bend from the waist
wind make wheat do

They listen chile
all up in they whole selves?
They be smilin'
All them molars and wisdoms showin'
Like Cheshire cats
They be cookin' too
Season fish
serve fresh squeezed lemonade

Legs wide for best air
bras relaxed on the floor
"Rules... sit out on that porch and wait!"
they say
"We busy"
Yep they be busy too
Sewin' highlights
Makin' quilts of days to come and gone gone
They be singin' too chile

'Bout all them good convulsions
those sweet scents
those screamin' yeses
the lacks of
They be cryin' too
hand holdin'
sewin' raggedly edges
"But don't rush"
They say
Don't rush
Gone head on outside

You'll know fo yo own self soon enough

© Jill Scott 2005 St. Martin's Press

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The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours

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