Friend of 'Friends' Star Aniston Sells Her Letters

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Actress Jennifer Aniston's high school boyfriend has put some of her love notes to him up for auction on eBay. She was 15 when she wrote the notes. He's asking $100,000, minimum.


This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Scott Simon.

Young love can be so sweet, so innocent, so enriching, even years after the fact. The New York Post reports this week that one of Jennifer Aniston's old high school boyfriends has put some memorabilia of their romance up for auction on eBay. And you thought Brad Pitt was a cad.

This man, known only as Michael, is offering to sell a piece of paper in which 15-year-old Ms. Aniston, who was then attending New York's High School of Performing Arts, wrote her phone number down for the rat--I mean Michael--in lipstick, a birthday note that Ms. Aniston wrote on toilet tissue for Michael--15 year olds think that's really neat--and a love letter she wrote him in red ink. Michael has set a minimum asking price of $100,000. EBay explains that Ms. Aniston and Michael haven't been in touch since the early 1990s when she became a major star and he became more or less nobody.

Coming up, Phyllis Diller is 88, off the road, off the stage but still on target when she talks about making people laugh. Stay tuned.

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