A Tribute to New Orleans

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Garden writer and Weekend Edition commentator Jeannette Hardy offers a tribute to her hometown, New Orleans, and all of her friends there.


This is Jeannette Hardy talking from West Penn Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I moved to New Orleans just before Hurricane Camille struck the Gulf Coast in 1969. In good times, I'm a resident of Fallburg St. John(ph) near City Park in New Orleans. I want to send my love to all my fellow citizens of this city, those who are still struggling inside the town, and others who like me are spread out across the country. I wish them Godspeed and hope that all of us who survived can return soon to rebuild our home place.

This time next year, I expect to see my buddy, Richie Bandana(ph), taking his evening cigarette break on his back stoop. I hope to see my friend, Ella Cole(ph), stirring a pot of red beans on the kitchen stove, and my favorite grocer, Benny Terranova, hawking Italian sausage from his store on Esplanade Avenue. Oh, and I yearn to walk into the Bywater home of my gardening pal Alicia Hertz(ph) and smell the fragrance of one perfect butterfly ginger on her dining room table. My love to all of them and all my friends, and all the people I don't even know who create what, to me, is the finest urban tableaux in America. Save New Orleans.

SCOTT SIMON (Host): And you're listening to WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News.

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