NPR logo August 22, 1999: Pop Music, Old and New

August 22, 1999: Pop Music, Old and New

Liane Hansen speaks with Weekend Edition director Ned Wharton about what's new and notable on cd. He reviews two record labels: Music Club, with its eclectic reissues ranging from Sun Rockabilly to South African Jazz under Apartheid, and "Put It on a Cracker" records, an alternative label out of Gainesville, Florida. Ned also reviews new discs from Robyn Hitchcock, Laurel MacDonald and the band Knots and Crosses. More info can be found on our website: Follow the links for Weekend Edition Sunday and Director's Cuts.

Music Club Records

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Wildly eclectic label of high-quality reissues. Check out these titles:

Tom... Sings the Sixties (that's "Welsh Wonder" Tom Jones, of course!)

Stan Getz IS Jazz - Live in Cannes, 1980

This Is Sun Rockabilly - with Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and others

Swing Party! - House Rockin' Swing and Jump Jive Boogie

Freedom Blues - South African Jazz under Apartheid

Put It on a Cracker Records

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Alternative label out of Gainesville, Florida. Two bands to watch for are Dirty Poodle (brooding twang and cool jangly guitar, similar to eighties band The Feelies) and Big Fish Ensemble, named one of the "best unknown pop bands in America".

Robyn Hitchcock

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Always witty, groovy, psychedelic & twisted, Jewels for Sophia is his latest on Warner Brothers Records.

Knots and Crosses

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Lovely Richard-and-Linda-Thompson-inspired trio from Peaks Island, Maine. They split up after releasing a couple of cds in the early 90's. Selections from those out-of-print titles are now on the Signature Sounds label on a collection called There Was a Time. Two new cuts on that cd plus an upcoming tour indicate a possible reunion of the band.

Laurel MacDonald

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Canadian singer/songwriter has a style that covers mystical territory through Laurie Anderson-esque vocals and grooves worthy of the avant-Celt band Mouth Music. Chroma is her new cd on Wicklow Records.