Letters: Rallying for Peace, and 'Lolita'

Host Debbie Elliott reads from listener letters. Among the topics: Saturday's protests against the war in Iraq; Nabokov's Lolita; and the late NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt.


And now your letters.

Neal Wells(ph) of Kirkland, Washington, was unhappy with our coverage of yesterday's protests against the Iraq War. We aired reports from rallies here in Washington, DC. Mr. Wells writes, `Based on your stories, I would have had no idea there were events in other major US cities, and I wouldn't have heard comments from other speakers, besides Cindy Sheehan. It's as if the name of the program really now is "Some Things Considered."'

We received many letters from listeners proving that, 50 years after its publication, Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Lolita" remains highly controversial. Dave Bodd(ph) of Grand Junction, Colorado, wrote, `NPR's celebration of Nabokov's infamous "Lolita" was tough to stomach. There is nothing thought-provoking or entertaining about sexualizing children. I cringed as the accolades for the book gushed forth from the usual literary suspects.'

Listener Jim Foster(ph) of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was delighted to hear Noah Adams' feature on the passionate followers of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt. Mr. Foster wrote, `For years I have thought I was unique on the face of the Earth, a passionate NPR listener who also likes NASCAR.' Mr. Foster continues, `Sometimes it seems like every NASCAR fan is a close-minded right-winger who gets his news exclusively from FOX News Channel and Rush. Apparently there are other people like me.'

But Noah's piece struck a different chord with listener Mark Eber(ph) of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. `If y'all just noticed this 3 on the back of the pickup trucks thing, you need to get out of the Beltway more often. It started immediately after Earnhardt's death, complete with halos and angel's wings.'

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