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A Slice of Pizza in Margate, N.J.

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A Slice of Pizza in Margate, N.J.


A Slice of Pizza in Margate, N.J.

A Slice of Pizza in Margate, N.J.

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Chappy Hardy, budget-conscious New Orleans eater, is still on the road after being displaced from the Big Easy by Hurricane Katrina. He finds solace in the pizza at the Greenhouse in Margate, N.J.


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Our friend Chappy Hardy is still on the road. He's a writer, filmmaker and man about town from New Orleans, except his town is a bit, shall we say, under the weather right now. So he's been displaced, staying in hotels and with friends and eating a lot of meals out, which gives the self-proclaimed `Man from HUNGER'--that's the man who Helps Uninhibited Nibblers Get Exact Results--it's all given Chappy a new sense of urgency on this once whimsical undertaking. Chappy Hardy joins us now on the line.

Chappy, hi.

Mr. CHAPPY HARDY (Writer and Filmmaker): Hello, Linda. How are you?

WERTHEIMER: I'm pretty good. How are you?

Mr. HARDY: Or maybe--good--and since I'm in Jersey, I should say, `How ya doin'?'

WERTHEIMER: You're actually in Margate, New Jersey, right?

Mr. HARDY: I am. I'm at a place called The Greenhouse. Now I have been coming to Margate, New Jersey, for over 30 years, and back in the day, in the mid-'70s, this was the beach hangout.

WERTHEIMER: What about the food?

Mr. HARDY: Well, The Greeny back in those days was a limited-menu kind of place. You could get a hot dog. They have great burgers, but I ordered a pizza, a half-sausage, half-pepperoni. It's about a 14-inch pie. It was delicious.

WERTHEIMER: Now we know from the last time we spoke with you that when you fled New Orleans, you had your trusty fork with you.

Mr. HARDY: I did, yeah.

WERTHEIMER: So I guess you can tell us the price per bite at The Greenhouse in Margate?

Mr. HARDY: Well, I did eat several slices of the pie with my fork and knife. And I got 96 bites out of this pizza, and it cost 12 bucks, so the cost per bite was, conveniently, 12.5 cents a bite. I usually take it out to four numbers, but this is 12 1/2 cents a bite. And I give it a degree of delectability of about a 9.6. It's ...(unintelligible).

WERTHEIMER: On a scale of one to 10.

Mr. HARDY: I won't say it's the best pizza I've ever had in my life. I think that's the Fleur-De-Lis in Baton Rouge, which I love and miss terribly. But in the meantime, The Greenhouse makes a pretty serious pizza.

WERTHEIMER: You're somewhere in the vicinity of two months out of New Orleans, right?

Mr. HARDY: I left New Orleans on the 29th of August.

WERTHEIMER: You're eating out a lot. Are you getting tired of it?

Mr. HARDY: I am. I mean, I really enjoy cooking and--but I still don't have any electricity or gas or phone at my apartment, so I'm waiting for that to come back before I go back to New Orleans. But I've eaten at some great places, and I've met some wonderful people across the country.

WERTHEIMER: Chappy Hardy is `the man from HUNGER,' helping Uninhibited Nibblers Get Exact Results. Chappy, thanks for speaking with us.

Mr. HARDY: Well, thank you for having me back.

WERTHEIMER: It's 22 minutes before the hour.

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