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Another Way to Observe Holidays: 'Buy Nothing Day'
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Another Way to Observe Holidays: 'Buy Nothing Day'

Another Way to Observe Holidays: 'Buy Nothing Day'

Another Way to Observe Holidays: 'Buy Nothing Day'
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As consumers swarm malls the day after Thanksgiving, some argue that Americans should refrain from the holiday spending spree. Kalle Lasn is the creator of "Buy Nothing Day" — a campaign to counter the "Black Friday" shopping rush.


Of course, you could buy nothing today. That's the argument Kalle Lasn has been trying to make for more than a decade. He's the creator of Buy Nothing Day, a campaign to counter the day after Thanksgiving shopping rush.

Mr. KALLE LASN (Creator, Buy Nothing Day): I think that we can solve our ecological and our psychological and our political problems by just starting to consume less. One of the great slogans that I just love is this slogan that says, `The more you consume, the less you live.'

MONTAGNE: Heady stuff for the shopping set, but Lasn says that's the point.

Mr. LASN: It is a very personal day. Today when you make a personal pact with yourself and you say, `OK, I'm going to try this. I'm going to--I'll refuse to buy anything for 24 hours. I'm going on a consumer fast.' And then, all of a sudden, you have your first impulse to buy. Suddenly, you want a coffee or you want a Mars bar or something, and suddenly, you realize how difficult it actually is to suppress this impulse to buy. You suffer actually, and you--some people even sweat and they have a little battle of the mind with themselves.

MONTAGNE: To observe Buy Nothing Day, some have suggested you could borrow a dog and take it for a walk, or you could volunteer or take up jogging.

Mr. LASN: The very best thing to do is you have to take a deep breath, not go shopping and then let the best idea come to you naturally, spontaneously. And that's the best idea, better than anything on a list.

MONTAGNE: Kalle Lasn, who came up with Buy Nothing Day, is editor-in-chief of Adbusters magazine. He spoke to us from Vancouver, Canada. This is MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm Renee Montagne.

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