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Getting Personal About School Garbage
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Getting Personal About School Garbage

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Getting Personal About School Garbage

Getting Personal About School Garbage
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Students at Curie High School in Chicago wanted to find out more about their classmates, so they went rooting around in the garbage for some clues. This piece produced by Curie Youth Radio describes what the students found.


Schools all over the country are on break this week, but if any of the high-school students in our audience want a little reminder of what school is like, the students at Curie Youth Radio have just the thing. They went through the garbage at Curie High School in Chicago to find out more about their fellow students. They read discarded class assignments, notes passed between friends and parental excuse notes, and they produced this piece with what they found.

Unidentified Student: `Dear Frankie, well, the time is 11:48 AM in fifth period. Hey, baby, what's happening? So, yeah, you know how I said that I was going to give up kissing you for Lent? Well, I don't want to. Not because I can't resist you--well, that's sort of the reason--but because I like kissing you.'

Unidentified Student: `The brave may not live forever, but the cautious will not live at all.'

Unidentified Student: `What's wrong, Tiffany?' `Nothing. I don't feel good.' `The beer or emotionally?' `Emotionally and I don't drink beer. I only drink Bacardi.'

Unidentified Student: `Well, I don't care.' `But, like, whatever, man. She better just stop giving me her attitude 'cause one of these days.'

Unidentified Student: `Negative 4X plus 2Y equals 13.'

Unidentified Student: `King Heristesis(ph) tells Hercules that his first labor is to kill the genius...'

Unidentified Student: `82Y equals 605.'

Unidentified Student: `The exoskeletons rise...'

Unidentified Student: `This class is so whacked.'

Unidentified Student: `Lines from a movie, "Without the sour, the sweet doesn't taste as sweet."'

Unidentified Student: `I don't know who she thinks she is.'

Unidentified Student: `I did like you from the end of freshman year to, like, two months because of my relationship with Lorraine.'

Unidentified Student: `Every time I try to go to the doctor, they said I need a parent. In a way, I hope I'm not pregnant, 'cause I want to go out, party, drink.'

Unidentified Student: `If he could only melt to the point of escape, to evaporate from the moment in time, but, no.'

Unidentified Student: `The reason for her absence was due to a small fever and the lack of being able to breathe.'

Unidentified Student: `So where are you going for lunch?'

Unidentified Student: `I don't know. I'm broke.'

Unidentified Student: `Yeah, join the club.'

Unidentified Student: `OK.'

(Soundbite of laughter)

Unidentified Student: `Tustantin's strategy(ph). Easy questions first. Underline important parts of passage. Do not guess. Eliminate bad answers.'

SIEGEL: That piece was produced by Curie Youth Radio students Giancarlo Hernandez, Geraldo Hernandez and Carlos Maeda.

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