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'Heart' by Gail Godwin

"Last night for my birthday I received Heart and couldn't put it down, reading half the book. Now I sit at my desk on this cold Monday morning feeling gallantly wiser about so much and cannot wait to crawl back in tonight to learn more about this beating organ that has given us life since the beginning. After starting Heart, I feel as though I know Godwin a bit and wish I could thank her "with all my heart" for her words.

Of late watching my mother with Alzheimer's fade from me, Godwin's books are giving me a spiritual escape from a heartbreaking experience. My mother once said to me, "Don't let anyone ever break your spirit." I am holding on to that and [to a Godwin character's ability] to rise up "and gracefully attend to daily obligations..."

— From Teresa, who listens to member station WUTC in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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