Mmmmmmmmm... Omega-3 Fatty Pork Rinds

These pigs carry a gene that helps their bodies produce a healthier fat -- omega-3 fatty acid.

hide captionThese pigs carry a gene that helps their bodies produce a healthier fat, known as omega-3 fatty acid.

Steve Morse/University of Missouri Extension and Agricultural Information

Here's my motto: mo' bacon, mo' better. I would eat a succulent pig product at every meal if I wasn't worried about dying an early death. There's nothing like the grave to cut into your enjoyment of a pulled pork sandwich.

But finally, technology is living up to its promise and providing me with a genetically engineered pig that produces omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fat found in fish. (Joe Palca had a report on this yesterday.)

I should have stopped reading the story at this point and gone out for a bratwurst, but no, I had to read on. It seems that this genetic miracle was accomplished using a gene from an earthworm. Hmmmmm. No one has actually tasted the miracle pig to see if it tastes like pork, fish or, god-forbid, worm. The killjoys at the FDA won't let you try it... something about keeping cloned, genetically altered, mutant meat freaks out the folks charged with protecting the food supply.

But once this kind of secret is out, you can't stuff the sausage back into the casing. Baby back ribs... the new broccoli?



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