The Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigrants

To form my opinion on Illegal (IL.) immigrants I have to balance my love for America with my Christian morals of being the good samaritan. I want my kids, our schools and my neighbors to live a safe and prosperous life. At the same time I want those repressed and downtrodden immigrants to be able to come to the land of opportunity.

So how do we balance the Republican tide of shutting off the world, with the Democrat view of letting the masses in? This forces the Republicans to look like the bad guys and the Democrats to look like they're weak on defense. In either case, it's all smoke and mirror politics. One side is trying to make the other side look bad, so their side can win an election.

Who gains and who loses when you have IL. immigrants?

Pro – Immigrant makes money in America to send to family.

Pro – Business gets cheap work.

Pro – Business doesn’t have to pay taxes.

Pro – Business doesn’t have to pay for healthcare.

Pro – Business doesn’t have to contend with OSHA.

Pro – Upper class Americans can save money on maids, lawn care, etc.

Con – America loses money on taxes.

Con – America’s schools lose funds teaching kids of IL. immigrants.

Con – Middle- and lower class Americans lose jobs to IL. immigrants.

Con – Nation's hospitals lose money in charity treatment of IL. immigrants.

Con – Nation is forever in bilingual debate.

Con – Those that come to America legally are disadvantaged in comparison having spent so much effort.

Con - Lack of control on how many terrorists make it across the border.

Con – Increased crime; A criminal will never take the proper route.

So having done this I feel that immigrants and Republicans stand more to gain from a porous border at the expense of the nation's taxes, middle class and security.



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