One Reporter's Mexican Vacation... Er, Assignment Tequila shots and salsa lessons. Our White House reporter goes deep undercover in Cancun.
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One Reporter's Mexican Vacation... Er, Assignment

Is that tiny distant spot on the beach David Greene recovering from a late night at Señor Frog? Andy Hwang hide caption

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Andy Hwang

And speaking of lying out in the sun, NPR's David Greene drew the short straw and has to travel with the president to Cancun.

"Most reporters and many White House staffers are staying at an all-inclusive resort called Moon Palace. We've each been given a beige wristband (yes, the kind bouncers hand out at bars), which we show to receive all meals and beverages. Washington types with their laptops and sound equipment are walking past families in swim trunks. Near the press filing center are ads for salsa lessons. Mr. Bush, for his part, is staying at a hotel closer to the main strip of bars. At one of the more famous hangouts, Señor Frog, the band last night decided to inform their margarita-juiced audience that three world leaders were talking nearby about big issues. Suffice it to say, the crowd was far less excited about this than they were about the free tequila shots in the conga line a few minutes later. And no — don't ask how this reporter obtained this information."

Insert your own Deep Throat joke here.