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A Ghostly Voice That Swoops and Swoons

Hurry Home Dark Cloud [Alternate Mix]

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Monday's Pick

  • Song: "Hurry Home Dark Cloud"
  • Artist: Pinetop Seven
  • CD: Beneath Confederate Lake
  • Genre: Chamber-Pop

"Hurry Home Dark Cloud" begins unassumingly enough, as a strummed acoustic guitar paves the way for banjoes and sleigh bells. But this is a Pinetop Seven song, and in Pinetop Seven songs, calm austerity rarely fails to swell into something broader and more ambitiously dramatic.

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Even by the band's own standards of ornate beauty, "Hurry Home Dark Cloud" — the peak and centerpiece of Beneath Confederate Lake, an odds-and-ends collection recorded during the making of last year's lovely The Night's Bloom — sounds especially striking. Singer Darren Richard's voice swoops and swoons elegantly, even operatically, making it the key instrument in a mix rife with strings, organs, and bells.

What Richard lacks in willingness to enunciate — his songwriting reads like obtuse but evocative poetry, making a lyric sheet a worthwhile companion piece — he makes up for in presence, as his voice meshes perfectly with Pinetop Seven's lavish, lovely instrumentation. On "Hurry Home Dark Cloud," the collision sounds otherworldly, even downright ghostly.

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