Don't Miss: Ghost-Ride the Whip and Gas Brake Dippin'

"Going dumb" in the "Yay Area." i i

"Going dumb" in the "Yay Area." Hong D. Hoang, Youth Radio hide caption

itoggle caption Hong D. Hoang, Youth Radio
"Going dumb" in the "Yay Area."

"Going dumb" in the "Yay Area."

Hong D. Hoang, Youth Radio

Youth Radio has a great piece this evening about the hip-hop style of "hyphy" (pronounced "high-fee"). Producer Tapan Munshi introduces us to a sound that comes straight outta Vallejo, Calif. The name "hyphy" comes from the hyper-crazy beats and the intricate lyrics. Listen up.

And if you're curious, hyphy is more than just music, it's a whole subculture in San Francisco and the rest of the "Yay Area." I was very amused by this description on

"One popular example of kids acting hyphy or 'going dumb' is 'gas-brake dippin'.' In the Bay, they pile into their cars and instead of driving normally, they'll hit the gas, then quickly hit the brake; hit the gas, hit the brake."

Hmmmm. When I did that growing up it was called "not knowing how to drive a stick shift," but "gas-brake dippin'" sounds much cooler. If you want to see a video of hyphy pioneer E-40 dippin' and ghost-riding the whip, click here (video).



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