Tabloid Dust-Up in New York When tabloids attack each other.
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Tabloid Dust-Up in New York

April 7, 2006 Cover of the 'Daily News.'

One of the best things about living in New York is the screaming tabloid headlines that greet you on the way to work. Even better is when the tabloids are yelling at each other.

Last year, when the Daily News screwed up its Scratch 'N' Match promotion, (accidentally printing 400 winning tickets) the New York Post mocked them on its front cover for weeks.

Today, the Daily News strikes back. A gossip writer for the Post's "Page Six" was caught trying to extort money from billionaire investor Ron Burkle. The Daily News filled its front page with the words "PAGE SIX SCANDAL."

Embarrassing your rival is obviously more important than the news story that appeared in tiny type at the bottom of the page: "Libby Says Bush OK'd Iraq Leak."