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'One of the Monkeys'

Nicholas Johnson offers a view from the author's desk with imagery both amusing and sinister in this selection from the chapbook Degrees of Freedom, published in March of this year.

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One of the Monkeys

Nicholas Johnson

I'm one of the monkeys they've got typing

in a room full of monkeys. It's a play

Shakespeare wrote back in the old days

they want us to write again. So we're writing

a play we never read. They keep inviting

strangers to watch us and the strangers say:

"They wrote 'to be or nutti to be'!" They stay

too long if we write something exciting

but the bananas flow like wine. We know

it's a crazy, morbid, ranting play, a stew

full of murder, love, but with a noble feel.

Shocked, I see hack monkeys come and monkeys go.

One keeper killed my father. What should I do?

I'm watching him. My teeth are as sharp as steel.